2014 Sewing & Craft Goals Review

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may have seen me mention my sewing and craft goals for 2014 a few times.  I had a little list of projects I wanted to complete before the end of the year.  Sadly, I did not complete the entire list.  But that’s okay!  I never really expected to finish everything.  Some projects inspired me to do other projects, so it’s not like I wasn’t doing anything.  Of course, moving my family to a new state kind of put a halt to crafting for a while.

So how did I do?

Bow Tie Quilt — I finished this one!  I made a small, bow-tie inspired quilt over the summer for my niece.  It’s one of my favorite quilts to date.

Abundantly Blessed Quilt (#1 & #2) — I loved this pattern so much I made it twice.  I made it once for Moxie and then a slightly smaller version for my friend’s new baby.

Bobble Afghan — I’m going to call this one a finish.  Sort of.  I made a small car seat afghan for Moxie using the bobble stitch.  I’ve actually been working on a larger bobble afghan on and off since late summer.  At this rate I’ll be 87 years old before I’m finished.

Valentine’s Shirt — Moxie had an adorable heart onesie to wear last year.

Easter Shirts — Another finish!  I made matching shirts for the kids and they received lots of compliments each time we went out.

4th of July Shirts (#1 & #2) — I had Moxie’s 4th of July shirt finished early, but had no idea what I wanted to do for Gene.  In the eleventh hour I whipped up his hand-painted star shirt, which he immediately got filthy with who knows what.

Halloween Shirts — Halloween was the first holiday we celebrated after moving to Missouri.  I made shirts for the kids, though they weren’t matching.  I’ll be honest and say that they both still wear these shirts.  They still fit, so why not?  I stuck them in their pajama drawer to wear with some flannel pajama pants I made last fall.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Shirts — I technically made Christmas and Thanksgiving shirts.  In fact, I made a bunch.  It’s just that none of them were for my own kids.  I haven’t blogged about the Christmas shirts, but I promise they were adorable as well.

And now for the projects that are incomplete or not even started….

Halloween Sampler — SO close to being finished!

Christmas Sampler — Nope.  I haven’t even started.

Camera strap — Ha!  I didn’t even give this project a passing thought.

Apron — I wish!

St. Patrick’s Day Shirts — We were hit by some plague at the end of February/early March, so these never happened.

I haven’t made a list for this year yet.  I do have a list of upcoming projects churning in my head, so we’ll see if I make time to type them out.

I’m Still Here

Well, hello there!  I’d like to start by apologizing for my absence.  I didn’t mean to take such a long break from the blog, but it happened.

Quite a bit has happened since my last post.  On September 16 the moving company arrived to pack and load our things.  The kids and I left after lunch and arrived in our new city just after dinner.  The hubs arrived a few hours later.  We stayed in a hotel that night and got to our new house early the next morning to await the movers.

We are finally settled in to life here in central Missouri.  We’ve been able to visit family on the weekends and even celebrated Gene’s third birthday.  We are missing our friends back in Illinois, but being so close to family helps.

I have plans to update things around here more often.  I have lots of updates and photos to share.  But for now, I am watching the World Series.

Go, Royals!

Catching Up




  • Yep, it’s true.  We’re moving to Missouri!  If you remember back to January, you’ll know that we were supposed to move in February.  While that didn’t work out like we’d hoped, we continued to pray that we’d have an opportunity to move closer to family.  God answered our prayers and my husband was offered a new job last month!  We will be living within 30 minutes of 90% of our family.  We’re really looking forward to being a lot closer, though it’s definitely going to be an adjustment.
  • We were in Missouri over Labor Day weekend looking for a place to live.  Let me just say, there are a lot of dumpy rental houses out there!  We actually ended up deciding to rent the first place we looked at.  It’s slightly larger than our current home.  The kids will have a playroom (yay!) and I’ll have a room where I can do my sewing (YAY!).
  • Moxie is officially at the top of the height limit for her infant car seat.  Rather than purchase another convertible car seat, we bought Gene a 3-in-1 harness booster and gave his convertible seat to her.  Gene hates his new car seat.  Getting him in it is a huge battle.  Once he’s in it he’s fine, but getting the buckles done is a nightmare.  I am surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops, because I’m sure it looked like I was attempting to kidnap him.
  • Moxie turned one last month!  I still need to take her monthly picture and write the post.  We had a fun birthday party for her.  She was a bit overwhelmed by all of the new faces, but she loved her cake.