2014 Sewing & Craft Goals

Lots of people make New Year’s Resolutions and I was no exception this year.  I thought I would take it a step further and make a list of projects I would like to complete this year.  I always have a running list going in my head or on my iPhone, but I decided having it written here might help me actually do some of them!  I’m currently on a self-imposed fabric/yarn/craft supply buying ban until I use up some of what I have, so I’d better get to work!

Bow Tie quilt Done!

Abundantly Blessed quilt #1 Done!

Abundantly Blessed quilt #2 Done!

Bobble afghan Done!

Halloween Sampler (In progress)

Christmas Sampler

— Camera strap for my DSLR

— Apron for me

— Appliqued holiday shirts

~ Valentine’s Day (Moxie) Done!

~ St. Patrick’s Day (Moxie & Gene)

~ Easter (Moxie & Gene) Done!

~ 4th of July (Moxie & Gene) Done!

~ Halloween (Moxie & Gene) Done!

~ Thanksgiving (Moxie & Gene) Done! Sort of…

~ Christmas (Moxie & Gene)

Stay tuned as I post progress updates and photos of my finished projects.  Oh, and if you could ask me how it’s going occasionally, that’d be great.  With two kiddos I sometimes need reminded to get me motivated.

Do you have any crafting goals for this year?


14 thoughts on “2014 Sewing & Craft Goals

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