The Haunted Closet

Some days my toddler goes to sleep quickly at nap time.  Other days it takes him some time to settle down.  On those days he talks to himself and plays with his stuffed animals.


One day last week he did something a bit unusual.  He was laughing.  A lot.  It was as if he was being tickled.  He fell asleep soon after that and I didn’t think much more of it.

A while later when I was getting him up from his nap, I heard music coming from a toy in his closet.

Cue panic.

I immediately thought, “Oh my word, his room is haunted!  I don’t even believe in that kind of stuff, but this is freaking me out!”

A couple of days later I decided to go through Gene’s closet and take out the clothes he’d outgrown.  When I opened the door I immediately saw the toy that had mysteriously started playing music.  I looked at the side and noticed that the power was switched to the off position.  My eyes got really big as I tried to process this new information.  Why would that toy play music if it’s turned off?  What made it play?

About that time I bumped into the toy basket and heard the music again.  It was coming from a different toy at the bottom of the basket!  I was immediately relieved.  The music mystery had an easy explanation and all was right in my world once again.

But why, then, was my child laughing so much…


One thought on “The Haunted Closet

  1. This is hysterical…well, at least about the toys. I would have been a little bit creeped out by the laughter, too. It is said that children are sensitive to the paranormal. Do you believe in that kind of thing? 🙂

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