Five on Friday


I am officially over winter.  I don’t generally mind winter, but this year has been awful.  All this polar vortex business has me in a funk.  The kids and I have stayed at home a lot more than we normally would.  My husband thinks it’s fantastic, though.  I’m not using gas or spending money on random things at Target.


The Super Bowl is this weekend.  We aren’t big fans of either team, but I do enjoy the commercials and halftime show.  I’m not sure if we get the channel it will air on, but I won’t let that stop me from making some yummy snacks!  I’ve been craving chips and queso for a while and this is the perfect excuse to make it!


Moxie’s hair is getting so long!  It has grown so much in the last month or so.  She has enough to hold a hair clip without a headband.  I’ve put some smaller bows on her that won’t pull too much.  I still use her headbands most of the time, but it’s exciting to see her with so much hair!



We have been busy getting our house ready for our big move.  We’ve been touching up paint, shampooing carpets, and packing up non-essentials.  We’re working with a relocation company, which has meant lots of paperwork and waiting.  There is a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.


This little boy is so silly!  This week he has had a huge explosion in his vocabulary.  He says the funniest things lately, including trying to repeat everything we say.  Uh oh!  Every morning this week he has been in such a good mood.  He’s playful and even seems to like his baby sister.  Even when he’s being a rotten toddler, I am constantly reminded of what a huge blessing he is.




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