Moxie is 8 Months Old!




  • Still gets around mostly by scooting, but is starting to crawl on her knees.
  • Can go from her tummy to sitting on her tush easily.  She seriously just mastered this yesterday.
  • Occasionally claps her hands.
  • Occasionally waves. [Not great at either of these yet, but it is adorable.]
  • Still no teeth.


  • We are still breastfeeding!  Hooray!  She nurses 4x a day and gets 4-5oz of formula via SNS at each feeding session.
  • Loves eating her solids.  When eating purees, she will start smacking her hands on the table if you don’t get the spoon to her mouth fast enough.
  • She is still exploring solid foods, especially fruits.  She enjoys gnawing them and feeling the texture.
  • Ate her first Puff.  I’m not sure how she felt about it.  Gene gladly asks for some when he sees me give her a couple.


  • I’ve started the transition into the crib.  It hasn’t been easy, but things are improving.  The longest she’s slept in the crib is from 8p-4a.  If I let her sleep in the RnP, she will sleep until 6a.  We’re working on it.
  • Eats around 6a and then goes back to sleep until around 9a.


  • Size 3 diapers
  • Anything 6-12m

Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming.  It’s just not possible that my sweet baby is already 8 months old.  Right?  RIGHT?  It blows my mind that I’m already planning her first birthday party.  Each day I watch as she learns new things and realize that she’s becoming less and less of my tiny little baby and more a little girl.  She is such a happy baby and a huge blessing in our lives.


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