Five on Friday


I am really struggling with the Terrible Twos right now.  My toddler spends a lot of time in Temper Tantrum Town lately.  Crying, hitting, not listening.  It’s tough.  One minute he is literally trying to rip the curtains down and the next he is snuggling up to me.  I am sure that being 2.5 is just as frustrating for my son as it is for me.  He doesn’t have the vocabulary to really express what he’s feeling yet.


My son still does not like the baby.  I knew her arrival would turn his little world upside down, but I assumed that by now he would have changed his mind.  I see my friends with kids the same ages and mine is the only one who hates his baby sister 99% of the time.  Once in a great while he will pat her head and announce, “I nice!”  Or he will look at her and say, “Baby Mossy!”  Then two minutes later he’s back to taking toys from her hands or screaming.  I still hold out hope that one of these days he will wake up and announce that he loves his little sister.

I hope.


Moxie is getting so big!  A couple of weeks ago she mastered going from her tummy to sitting up.  This week she started pulling up on everything!  She can’t quite pull herself to standing, but she can get to her knees.  This makes her just tall enough to reach things on the sofa.  She thinks it’s fantastic.  I think my baby is disappearing!


I am so happy that spring is here!  As I’m writing this, it’s actually chilly and gloomy outside, but it’s supposed to be warmer this weekend.  My toddler would love nothing more than to live outside where he can draw with chalk and play in the dirt to his heart’s content.  I suppose playing in the dirt is better than tearing my curtains off of the wall.


I am tired.  That’s not really news, but I just thought I’d throw that out there.  My kids wake up entirely too early.  If I could get them both to sleep until 7:30 or 8, that would be great.  Right now my toddler wakes up before 6AM.  So early.  I don’t know about you, but I can barely function that early in the day.  Speaking of waking up early, I’m off to have a cup of coffee so I can wake up!


Five on Friday


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