Easter Shirts

I know, I know.  Easter was last month.  Why am I still talking about it?

Honestly?  It’s because I’ve been a bit of a blog slacker.  You see, I made these adorable matching Easter shirts for my kids at the end of March.  I had big plans to take some great photos of them to accompany a really witty blog post.  Then life happened.  I’d be taking the shirts off at the end of the day and realize that, once again, I had failed to take any photos.  Oops.

So here we are now.  It’s mid-May and I am just now posting some crummy photos I took with my iPhone.  Imagine that the kids are sitting in a field of daffodils looking angelic rather than in my house on a dreary day.

easterbunnyshirtsEveryone together now…



Thank you for humoring me.  I absolutely love this appliqué design.  It is from Planet Applique.  The white of the bunny and pink of the bunny’s ears are felt, whereas the Easter eggs are chevron quilting fabric I picked up a while back at Hobby Lobby.  Gene loved his bunny shirt.  He’d jump around the living room while saying, “Hop! Hop! Hop!”  It was pretty cute.

I only have a short window for dressing them in matching appliquéd shirts, so expect to see me taking advantage of it until Gene decides it’s lame!

This project is on my list of Sewing and Craft goals for 2014!



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