Five on Friday


Cute is spelled G-E-N-E.

The other day my toddler came up to me, lifted his shirt, and said, “Tickle me!”  How adorable is that?  I couldn’t refuse an invitation to tickle my #1 guy, so I was happy to oblige.

Hearing him say things like that really warms my heart.  He’s not as verbal as other kids his age, so it’s nice to hear him verbally request something.  Sure, he knows tons of words, but he doesn’t generally string words together to make sentences.  He will repeat things that we say, but there’s still a lot of babbling.  Two of his new words for this week are ‘gross’ and ‘peek-a-boo.’  He doesn’t understand what gross means, but it’s cute to hear him say it.  Peek-a-boo is my favorite.  It sounds like ‘wee-uh-boo’ when he says it.  He likes to play the game when I play with his sister, which is almost like they’re interacting.  I’ll take it.



Our kids will have two new cousins by the end of the year!  Michael’s brother just found out this week that his new baby is a little girl.  She’s due to make her arrival in October.  My little brother is expecting a baby in November, but it’s still too early to know the sex of the baby.  I am very excited for both of our brothers.


Moxie is finally working on her first tooth!  I wish it would hurry up and pop through the skin.  She had a big bump on her gum for several days and then it disappeared.  She’s had the same bump for the last few days.  Hopefully it pops through the skin this time.  Poor girl has been drooling so much lately.


We visited a local church last weekend.  It was really nice being back in church.  It’s been a long time since I last attended a Sunday morning service.  We’ve been talking about finding a church for several years now.  There was a great sermon and the atmosphere was very friendly.  The service was a lot more contemporary than the services I attended growing up, but I really enjoyed it.

Moxie stayed with us and fell asleep half-way through the service.  The pastor was talking about Psalms 23 and I think she was counting all of the sheep references (ha ha ha).  Gene was in the 2 year old nursery.  He had a bad case of the Terrible Twos that morning and Michael had to pick him up 15 minutes early.  I’m sure he’ll get used to it soon enough.



We have bats.  Again?  Still?  Two years ago we woke up to a bat flying around our bedroom at 4AM.  We spent two months working with a nuisance animal control guy to get rid of them.  We refer to him as Batman. He estimates our colony had 40-50 bats in it.  We ended up having 16 of the bats find their way into our living space.  Not cool.

Anyway, back in March I heard what I thought were mice in the walls around our fireplace.  There were only a few of them and Batman was easily able to take care of the issue.  Then in early May I heard some noises around our bedroom.  We watched our house around dusk and discovered they had found a new place to call home.  Fortunately there is only one this time.  Still, that’s one too many.  I know they are good for the environment because they eat bugs, but having them fly out from under my roof freaks me out.


The Good Life


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