Shirts For Brothers

One of my closest friends is expecting her second baby boy any day now.  Her older son is a month younger than Gene.  He is so excited about getting a new baby brother.

A while back she asked if I could make a couple of matching brother shirts for them.  She had some plain t-shirts she wanted to use, but it took us forever to cross paths at the same time she had the shirts.  I finally got them last week.  Knowing she could go into labor at any minute, I made it a priority to work on them that night!


I love, love, LOVE the way these two shirts turned out!  I took a bit of a gamble choosing the fabrics.  I would like to say that each one was carefully selected, but that would be a lie.  To be honest, I just grabbed six different fabrics in shades of blue.  Fortunately for me they looked great together!  That seems to be the case with scrappy things.  Anything looks good with enough variety!

I was able to finish them Friday and gave them to my friend on Monday.  Her son immediately put his shirt on.  I cannot wait to see her squishy little newborn wearing his once he finally makes his arrival!

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