Embroidered Towels

My Aunt Nancy loves Coca-Cola.

A lot.

A lot a lot.

She loves it so much that her house contains a lot of vintage Coca-Cola decor.  In fact, she has her entire kitchen decorated in Coca-Cola stuff.  Several years ago a friend even made her some dish towels that said ‘Nancy’s Coca-Cola Kitchen’ on them.  As you can imagine, years of use have taken their toll on her poor towels.

A couple of months ago she called me and mentioned she had purchased some kitchen towels and would I be able to embroider them like her old ones.  I didn’t think they’d look good since I am only able to embroider a 4″x4″ area.  I figured it would be too small to look decent.  She said it didn’t matter and she was sending me the towels regardless.

The embroidery font was simple enough to find on Etsy, so I sat down and got to work in Sew What Pro.  I fiddled around with different fonts and sizing until I got it just right.  Since the towels were just embroidery, I was able to push the start button and walk away.


When I returned, I was pleasantly surprised to see how great the towels actually looked!  My 4″x4″ hoop was only slightly smaller than the embroidery on her old towels.  I posted a photo of them on Facebook and soon had a comment from a very excited aunt.

This was my first attempt at doing embroidery (rather than applique) on a towel.  If I do anymore I will probably invest in a roll of Solvy.  It’s a clear stabilizer you put on top of the towel so that your stitches sit on top of it rather than being buried in the fluff.  It also keeps loops of terry cloth from popping up through your stitches as you wash it.

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