Moxie is 11 Months Old!



  • Stands on her own for several seconds.
  • Trying to walk! She can shuffle one foot forward before falling over.
  • Finally got her first tooth on July 14th! Instead of the bottom left tooth that has been coming in forever it was the top left tooth that popped through first.
  • Crawls up the stairs (with us hovering right behind her obviously).
  • Hair is long enough for a little ponytail!  See image above.
  • Separation anxiety has reared its ugly head, though we seem to be over the worst of it.  Thank goodness!


  • Still breastfeeding!  Nurses 3x a day and receives 6oz of formula via SNS at each feed.
  • LOVES trying new foods. In the last week we’ve really started giving her more regular food rather than baby food.
  • Favorite “real” foods — macaroni and cheese, graham crackers, turkey with gravy.


  • Goes to bed around 7PM, wakes to eat between 5:30-6am, and sleeps until about 8:30am.
  • Ideally takes two naps a day.  Her morning nap often takes place while we’re out and about.  Her second nap is supposed to happen around 1pm.  If I manage to get her to sleep it has only been for an hour.  Some days she won’t nap until much later, if at all.  Poor nap = cranky dinner baby.


  • Size 3 diapers
  • Shirts: 12-18m
  • Pants: 12m
  • Dresses: 9-12m

This time next month we will be celebrating Miss Moxie’s first birthday.  Excuse me while I sob.

Just joking.  Sort of.

Anyway, the party venue is booked and invitations are ready to go in the mail.  We are having an ice cream party, complete with a sundae bar.  We are really looking forward to celebrating with our families.

Moxie has been doing all kinds of exciting things this month.  From chasing the dogs to trying to climb on the sofa, this girl is always on the go.  It’s only a matter of time before she takes off running after big brother.  Each time she tries to walk I remind her that she is my little baby.  She doesn’t listen.  She’s lucky she’s cute!



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