Favorite Thing Friday — Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks

I’ve started a new feature where every week I will tell you about some product that I absolutely love.  And by every week I mean the weeks that I remember.  These will not be sponsored posts.  They’re things I’ve spent my own money on or were gifts from friends and family.  They might be kid products, beauty products, or craft stuff.  Who knows?  You will just have to check back on Fridays and find out!

This week I want to talk about a current favorite toy in our house — Standard Unit Blocks from Melissa and Doug.  This is a set of 60 wooden blocks that come in a wooden storage box.  We bought them for Gene’s second birthday last fall.  When we first owned them he liked stacking blocks up just to knock them down.  Now that he is almost three, he will build surprisingly intricate towers.  Just this morning he asked to play with blocks right after breakfast!


Even Moxie loves to play with the blocks.  They are recommended for ages 3+.  I have no problem allowing her to play with them.  There are four small blocks that make up a circle that I would prefer she not put in her mouth, so I’ve put them away.  She likes to bang the blocks together and tries to stack them like her big brother.

I love watching my kids play with these blocks.  I can see my son using his imagination to build his towers, especially once he runs out of blocks and starts remodeling.  It’s incredible to watch him as he balances bigger blocks on top of smaller blocks.  You can almost see the little wheels turning in his head.

I think my favorite part about this toy is the quality.  With proper storage, I can see us getting these out for our grandchildren to play with.  These blocks will last for years!


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