Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt + a New Baby!

Remember in my last post I mentioned my husband and I have a bunch of siblings between us?  It makes for lots of nieces and nephews.  On November 21st, my younger brother and his girlfriend welcomed their first baby into the world.  Little Gavin is our first nephew from my side of our family tree.

We happened to be doing some Christmas shopping in Kansas City the day after he was born, so we were able to stop by and meet him.  You forget just how tiny newborns are when you’re lugging around a 22 lb 15 month old all the time!


This summer as we were preparing for our big move, I was going through boxes of craft stuff in our basement.  I ran across a quilt I had started a couple of years ago.  It was a fun, boyish print, so I decided to finish it up and give it to our new nephew.

The pattern is the Double Slice Layer Cake quilt from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It is a really easy pattern and stitches up in no time at all.  All I actually had to do in order to finish the quilt was bind it.  I was able to deliver the quilt to my brother in mid-August when we were in Missouri for Moxie’s birthday party.


I have really enjoyed getting to make quilts for all of the sweet new babies in my life.  I’ve actually made a couple of quilts as Christmas gifts this year, but you’ll have to wait until after Christmas to see them!

Crazy Mom Quilts | Clairejustine | VMG 206 | Flour Me With Love | Flamingo Toes


4 thoughts on “Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt + a New Baby!

  1. Oh he’s such a sweet little babe – congratulations to your sister! And the quilt is gorgeous too, but any quilt is always going to be overshadowed by the baby that snuggles on it!

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