January Reading

I love Goodreads (be my friend!).  It’s so handy for keeping tracks of which books you’ve read and when.  I can also keep track of books I would like to read and also see what my friends are reading.  This year I have set a reading goal of 50 books.  I would love to blow that number out of the water, but we’ll see how the year progresses.


Here are the books I read in January…

1. The Wedding List — Autumn Macarthur

2. From the Wreckage — Michele Miller

3. Divorced, Desperate, & Delicious — Christie Craig

4. Significance — Shelly Crane

5. Accordance — Shelly Crane

6. Reverence — Shelly Crane

Of all the books I read last month, I enjoyed the Shelly Crane books the most.  She writes YA romance.  They are also part of the same series.  I really enjoy reading book series because it allows the reader to really see the characters’ stories unfold.  In stand-alone novels you see that one little snippet of time.  You get so much more out of a series!

Just to warn you, I received a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday and have been reading non-stop.  February’s list is already longer and the month is only half over!

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?


2 thoughts on “January Reading

  1. Adding books to my list…lol..I need a kindle or something, I’ve finally decided that I’m sick of the book clutter..lol!
    Currently reading Vanishing Acst-Jodi podicult

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