Scenes From Our New Home

Well we’re finally all moved into our new house and mostly unpacked!

We closed on April 21st.  We arrived a little early, so the folks at the title company took us back to the conference room and had us sign approximately four zillion papers and gave us our new keys.  It only took 15 minutes to spend a whole lot of money.


Immediately following closing we picked up the kids and headed to the new house to give the kitchen and bathrooms a good scrub and shampoo the carpets.  The kids were content to run around like wild animals in all of the open space.  We had decided weeks before that we wanted to paint the kids’ bedrooms before we moved in, so after the kids went to bed that night, that is what I did.

I finished painting Gene’s room around 11:30 Thursday morning and we picked up a moving truck at 12:30 that afternoon.  Three trips and several hours later, we had the bulk of our possessions at the new house.  We quickly assembled beds and tried to make the kids’ rooms look less like war zones.


We haven’t done any other painting to the house in the two weeks since we moved in.  We spent several days taking boxes from the garage (where they were placed directly from the moving truck) down to the storage room in the basement.  We’ve rearranged furniture and worked on cleaning up some of the landscaping in the front yard.  But mostly we’ve just been enjoying our new house.   I can’t wait to really make this house ours!


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