May Reading

It feels like I just posted April’s reading list. Oh wait, I did.

I am well on my way to hitting my goal of reading 50 books in 2015! I did most of my reading at the end of the month. The first few weeks after we moved into our new house were filled with unpacking and organizing. Once the boxes were cleared away, I started doing more reading. It really helped that I found the charging cable for my Kindle Paperwhite while unpacking my sewing supplies! I love using my eReader because I don’t have to find time to run to the library or spend money on gas!


30. Beast Keeper — Lucy Coats

31. Shadows of the Workhouse — Jennifer Worth

32. A Wife by Accident — Victoria Ashe

33. I’ll Give You the Sun — Jandy Nelson

Favorite: I’ll Give You the Sun was much better than I expected. It started out slow, but was worth it to power through the beginning. This book jumped around a bit, it was told from the perspectives of two people in different years. It was really interesting to watch the pieces of the puzzle come together at the end. I am interested in reading more from this author in the future.

Least Favorite: Surprisingly, I did not enjoy Shadows of the Workhouse. This is the sequel to Call the Midwife, which I read last month. Unlike the first book, which contained many stories that were only a few pages long, Shadows of the Workhouse only contained a few. Each story was long and drawn out. Very little of it seemed to be Jennifer Worth’s first-hand knowledge, but rather it was information she had been told.

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