Our Journey With Cloth Diapers

Before I became pregnant with my first baby, I hadn’t given diapers much thought.  I had no idea that there was an entire world devoted to modern cloth diapers and that plastic pants were a thing of the past.  I loved the idea, though, and decided it was something we needed to look into before our new baby arrived.

My reasons for wanting to use cloth diapers were two-fold: saving money and, of course, because fluffy cloth diaper-covered bums are the cutest thing ever.  We knew that I wouldn’t be returning to my job as a CNA after I had Gene, so we were looking for ways that we could save money.  Using cloth diapers seemed like an obvious solution.  You bought diapers once and used them over and over again until potty training.  It seemed like a much better idea than having to add disposable diapers to our monthly budget.


My husband wasn’t initially on board with the whole idea.  Sure, he loved the idea of saving money, but his parents had used cloth diapers on him as a baby and all he could see in his mind were prefolds and plastic pants.  I had to do a lot of research on the various kinds of diapers to figure out what I wanted and to convince him that it was the best thing for our family.  One huge source of help were the #clothdiapers chats on Twitter every Monday evening hosted by Cotton Babies (these have since been move to their Facebook page).  Heather from Cotton Babies and the other moms who participated were invaluable in my research.  Any time I was confused about the subtle differences between two types of diapers, they were there to clear it up.  When I panicked because I didn’t think I’d be able to figure out the laundry situation, they calmed me down.  I honestly do not think I would have gone ahead with cloth if it weren’t for all of them.

Once we officially decided to use cloth diapers, it was time to start building our stash.  I was still working at the time and got paid every two weeks.  Each time I got my paycheck, I would get online and order 2-3 more diapers.  I did this for the last few months before Gene was born.  By the time he arrived, we had a nice stash of prefolds and covers for the newborn stage and bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers and fLip covers for when he got a little bigger.  Most of my diapers were purchased during Cotton Babies’ seconds sales.  I also scored a few deals on used diapers through HyenaCart and Cloth Diaper Trader.


As prepared as I was with our diaper stash, I was still really nervous about the realities of using cloth diapers.  My fears quickly disappeared once we got started.  The part I was most worried about — diaper laundry — was a breeze as well.  All of the research I had done in order to prepare had paid off.  Within just a few days I was hooked. I was officially a cloth diaper mama.

Have you ever used cloth diapers? What was your reason for starting?


2 thoughts on “Our Journey With Cloth Diapers

  1. I started very similar to you except for my firstborn I chose to use disposibles during the newborn stage. Her first cloth were Bumgenius. I had a couple sized diapers I made from a friend’s pattern and found I loved the fit of sized diapers so much better so I gradually replaced all my one-size diapers and then for baby #2 I sewed fitteds and covers for the newborn stage and after that all her diapers have been either homemade sized pockets or Fuzzibunz perfect size. Washing is definitely much easier than I thought it would be after reading all the conflicting instructions.

    • I was surprised how much I actually liked using prefolds. I did buy a bunch of Kissaluvs Size 0 fitteds from a friend before our second baby was born. They were great! I wouldn’t mind having an entire stash of them.

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