Basement Playroom: Progress

When we bought our house in April, we knew we would be spending a lot of time painting.  Every room on the main level was painting what I like to call ‘Builder Beige’.  It’s an awful tan color that contractors like because it’s neutral.  We are slowly covering it up.  Before we moved in we painted both of the kids’ bedrooms and I painted their bathroom a couple of weeks later.

Our house has a full basement, half of which is finished.  The previous owners made some wild color choices when they were choosing paint.  Of the three finished rooms down there, one is charcoal gray and orange, another is chocolate brown and blood red, and the third was a blue gray and darker blue.

What. Were. They. Thinking.

I’m not sure what I was thinking, but just before Memorial Day I decided that the family room in the basement would be the next to be painted.  It’s a large, open room and we use it as a play room for the kids.  As soon as I started edging, I knew I’d chosen the wrong room.  It was a lot of work.


Since the walls were on the darker side, we chose to put a couple of layers of Kilz primer on the wall before we started painting.  We were using a paint that contained a primer, but a gallon of primer is cheaper than buying another gallon of the yellow paint we had chosen.

It took nearly a week to paint the room.  We primed, painted three coats of yellow, and painted the entire ceiling.  All in all, we went through 5 gallons of paint.  The room looks so much better, but yellow has officially been blacklisted from being a paint color in our home ever again.


We still need to touch a few spots up before this room is officially DONE.  Well, painted anyway.  I also have plans to add a chalkboard on one of the walls.  One of these days I’ll find curtains to put in the windows as well.  There’s plenty of time for that!

Paint info!!!

Coconut Cream by Valspar


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