Bell Sleeve Peasant Dress

***I found this partially-written post in my draft folder, so I thought I’d finish it up and publish it.  Enjoy!***

A couple of years ago I bought this simple peasant dress pattern from Sew Sweet Patterns. I’ve sewn it many, many times. As time has gone by, I’ve tweaked the pattern here and there to get different looks. Sometimes I add trim to the hems.  Sometimes I shorten it to make a top.  Sometimes I change up the sleeves.

Last December (Remember I said this post was in my draft folder?) I got really brave and decided to change up the sleeves entirely. Instead of the short, puffy sleeves you often see in peasant style dresses, I wanted to add elbow-length bell sleeves.


The pink and lime Ikat fabric is from Hobby Lobby.  At the time, I was a little too overzealous with the size of my ruffles and it looked a bit silly on Moxie. Luckily her arms have grown in length over the last eight months and it looks a lot better. I’m so glad that I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and modified this pattern. It’s like getting lots of different patterns for the same price.

Have you ever tried to modify a sewing pattern? How did it turn out?


One thought on “Bell Sleeve Peasant Dress

  1. It’s great that you can sew so well. I just don’t have room to set up a machine and I swear no time to do it in, but you manage to find it, and that’s awesome! Such pretty clothing for the little ones!

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