button up!

Back when I only had one munchkin and my hands were not quite as full, I had a little shop over on Etsy.  Babies like lots and lots of attention, so I set my shop to ‘vacation’ mode and took a “maternity leave” so to speak.

Okay, so I didn’t actually think about my Etsy shop for 8 whole months.  That’s not important.

Recently, though, my handsome hubby has been encouraging me to open my shop back up.  I wasn’t sure because I have two children and only one of me.  My hands are kind of full.  After he promised a hundred times to be the best production assistant in the history of Etsy shops, I agreed to give it another go.

A couple of weeks ago, my dashing production assistant and I sat down during nap time and got to work.  What do we have to show for it?



Button Up!

I offer a selection of button earrings in a variety of funky and modern prints.  They measure just over half an inch — 5/8″ to be exact — and look great on everyone.  If you don’t see something you like, you’re welcome to contact me with suggestions of prints and colors that I should include.

I made a couple of big changes before opening my shop this time.

1) I now use nickel-free, surgical steel posts on every pair of earrings.  This means that those of you with sensitive ears can wear them without worrying about having a reaction.

2) Packaging — Last time I wrapped each pair of earrings in bubble wrap, stuck it in a bubble mailer, and hoped for the best.  After a few pairs damaged (Thanks, USPS), I decided I needed a new plan.  Instead of wrapping things in bubble wrap, I have invested in cute little boxes.  I feel a lot better about sending my little baubles off into the great unknown now that they’ll be snug as a bug in sturdier packaging.



This is my other production assistant.  He’s pretty darn adorable.