Moxie is 8 Months Old!




  • Still gets around mostly by scooting, but is starting to crawl on her knees.
  • Can go from her tummy to sitting on her tush easily.  She seriously just mastered this yesterday.
  • Occasionally claps her hands.
  • Occasionally waves. [Not great at either of these yet, but it is adorable.]
  • Still no teeth.


  • We are still breastfeeding!  Hooray!  She nurses 4x a day and gets 4-5oz of formula via SNS at each feeding session.
  • Loves eating her solids.  When eating purees, she will start smacking her hands on the table if you don’t get the spoon to her mouth fast enough.
  • She is still exploring solid foods, especially fruits.  She enjoys gnawing them and feeling the texture.
  • Ate her first Puff.  I’m not sure how she felt about it.  Gene gladly asks for some when he sees me give her a couple.


  • I’ve started the transition into the crib.  It hasn’t been easy, but things are improving.  The longest she’s slept in the crib is from 8p-4a.  If I let her sleep in the RnP, she will sleep until 6a.  We’re working on it.
  • Eats around 6a and then goes back to sleep until around 9a.


  • Size 3 diapers
  • Anything 6-12m

Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming.  It’s just not possible that my sweet baby is already 8 months old.  Right?  RIGHT?  It blows my mind that I’m already planning her first birthday party.  Each day I watch as she learns new things and realize that she’s becoming less and less of my tiny little baby and more a little girl.  She is such a happy baby and a huge blessing in our lives.

Moxie is 7 Months Old!

I say this every month, but I cannot believe my sweet girl is 7 months old today!  It seems like just yesterday we were going to the hospital for her birth.  It’s crazy to think that we will be celebrating her first birthday soon.



  • Gets around by a combination of rolling and scooting.
  • So close to crawling!  She rocks back and forth on her hands and knees.
  • Sits up like a big girl when she plays with her toys.
  • Possibly working on her first tooth.
  • Lots of baby babble!


  • Still breastfeeding!  She eats four to five times a day and receives 4 oz of supplemental formula via SNS at each feed.
  • She recently started solids.  We are doing a combination of baby-led weaning and pureed fruits and vegetables.  She’s tried banana, sweet potato, and cucumber so far.


  • She sleeps really well most nights.  She goes to bed around 7PM, wakes up between 5:30-6:30AM to eat, and goes back to sleep until 8 or 8:30AM.
  • She usually takes a nice, long nap around 1PM in her room.  Her morning nap tends to take place in the Ergo or in the car when we run errands.
  • She still sleeps in her rock-n-play rather than her crib.


  • Size 3 diapers
  • 6-9m and 6-12m clothing


Five on Friday


For the last twelve days, everyone in our house has been sick.  It’s been rough.  It started with my toddler on the 23rd.  He woke up fussy, had no appetite, and was running a low-grade fever.  Moxie started coughing two days later.  Fortunately I am still breastfeeding, so she was never quite as sick as Gene.  She did, however, start wheezing a little on Friday, so Saturday morning I took her to express care where they prescribed breathing treatments.

Both kids are now on the mend.  The wet cough has been replaced by the dry cough that lingers forever after a cold and the snot faucets have slowed to a drip.

Oh, did I mention that I have also been sick?  Apparently a week of tiny people constantly coughing and sneezing on my face finally got to my poor immune system.  Thanks, kids.


Remember this post?  That’s not happening.



Moxie started solids last week!  We’ve decided to give baby led weaning (BLW) a try.  So far she has tried banana and cucumber.  She seems to enjoy it so far.


I am seriously over winter.  I am tired of it always being 30° below the average temperature for this time of year.  It’s March!  I need my toddler to play outside and run off some of his energy.  The terrible two’s are bad enough without adding in the fact that we’re cooped up in the house.


I bought Tangled on DVD the other day.  You know, for my kids.  We’ve already watched it twice in as many days.  It’s such a cute movie, though, so I’m not complaining.  I’m looking forward to Frozen coming out on DVD in a couple of weeks.

Five on Friday